A comparison of alice randalls the wind done gone and margaret mitchells gone with the wind

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Question from chat room: How do you define parody? The First Amendment to the U. Randall said that these deviations did not bother her - what she wanted to do was to "tell the story that had not been told - by doing so in a different point-of-view and altering the personality of Mitchell's characters, rather than creating her own.

This comes around to the other theme in the novel, probably the one which has caused the numerous one-star reviews and complaints from GWTW-diehards. Houghton Mifflin Company Houghton Mifflin had scheduled the publication of Alice Randall's story, entitled "The Wind Done Gone," in June last year when the lawyers of Margaret Mitchell's estate - represented by Sun Trust Bank -- sought for and obtained a preliminary injunction in April, stopping its publication Associated Press Question from chat room: Can you comment on the sequel aspects of "The Wind Done Gone," since you did take the actions of the characters beyond the story of "Gone With The Wind"? Alice Randall: It was written in the early part of the century, but many of the ideas that it puts forth influence us to this day. Some of the slaves have altered names as well: Pork becomes Garlic, for instance. It sold several millions of copies and many consider it "the best-known book next only to the Bible. I received a call from a woman who said she's been waiting all of her life to read this book. Six more advocates filed a Friend of the Court brief that very week that the emergency motion for an expedited appeal was granted. The way that Randall gives power to the black characters who are otherwise powerless in the antebellum Southern society is by imbuing them with a Machiavellian power over the white characters. They saw it as appropriating without permission the characters and situations of Gone With the Wind. I know that my intention was to write a serious literary novel, a parody that was a critique of "Gone With the Wind. Although she had an affair with R.

Rather than surviving to live another day, like Scarlett in Mitchell's story, the Scarlett figure dies. That is the myth perpetuated by "Gone With the Wind. So, my book is a critique of Gone With the Wind in the form of a parody.

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Planter—Though he doted on his daughter Cynara when she was young, he gave her away to another family when he realized that she was Other's rival. Behind the fumbling white inhabitants of the plantation are the slaves and former slaves who keep things going and manage to get what they need to survive and prosper by manipulating their owners.

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