A depressing irish catholic childhood in angelas ashes by frank mccourt

Penny Bride To whom it may concern: Dear reader, I was astonished at the "review" given by one of the subscribers about the book Angela's Ashes!

A depressing irish catholic childhood in angelas ashes by frank mccourt

After years of misery in Limerick he decided to return to the country where he was born. With her death, Malachy Sr abandons his family for days to indulge in an alcoholic binge, while Angela falls into a severe, debilitating depression.

I was born in ireland as was my father and grandmother and various other relatives have never seen any of the hardships they talk about.

Wonder if there are families in Ireland that are functional embracing the nature of what a family is supposed to be.

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I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. After being discharged, Frank returned to New York and dabbled with several different jobs until he was accepted into NYU.

They usually did chores for food or money but had very little. Mc Court didn't need to tell those details, however true they may be Is 'drink' a mainstay of the Irish? On the heels of that book, came Malachy McCourt's book: "A Monk Swimming" which just compounded the above view and left those I spoke to, with an impression that drinking yourself into a stupor was the Irish past time.

The source of this sentiment was the feelings forged in the heart of every Irish son for any mother, be it his own or that of his children. What happens to Frank while his father is in England?

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Angela's Ashes Memoir