A study about custmor brand awareness

A study conducted by Cahners Research involved 23, businesses and found the following results. Unbiased results can be captured with quick field times, but only if you protect yourself from some common pitfalls and follow some best practices.

Brand awareness recognition vs. A brand awareness study is a perfect tool to ensure that your perceived strengths and perceived weaknesses are reflected by the opinions in the market.

factors affecting brand awareness pdf

As Brand Awareness Increases, so Does Brand Preference As increased awareness is unarguably a good for your brand, it stands to reason that there is a direct correlation here with brand preference. This implies that as higher levels of awareness are reached, the conversion to preference comes more quickly.

Lower costs compared to telephone and in-person field studies. A higher correlation is typically found between consumer preference and the results of an unaided study versus a lower correlation than with an aided one.

This means that an open-ended question must be used. With SWOT many of the opportunities and threats are defined based on the strengths and weaknesses of your brand.

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Brand Awareness Research