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Everything in the book means something, and nothing is accidental. Another was published inand it's about 1, pages long, and it's set in the 90s.

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It made me want to practise and work at my writing, and then write drafts of books that wouldn't ever come to anything, and then, after years of turmoil, write a novel that finally got published, called The Testimony.

Not even its epic final, no matter how much fun it is.

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For a lonely geek like I was, the novels offered a perspective that seemed sane, whatever its myopia; more, the man behind those novels seemed like the kind of man I wanted to be.

But I can still see it.

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The bad guy in The Stand was made by us, and it killed us. I call it the bad guy, but Captain Trips isn't the bad guy. We've found that while readers like to know what we think of a book they find additional reader reviews a massive help in deciding if it is the right book for them. Photograph: Alamy The Stand — the original version of it, something I'll talk about later — was published in Sign me up. The things that irritate me are still far outweighed by one of my favorite stories of an apocalyptic battle between good and evil. It's still scary. But, for Nick this was his very first time, so he felt completely out of his element. In fact, the driver survived the crash itself, but his family was in the back seats.

But, the other girl Deana had successfully infiltrated. Do we all have that potential inside us? The story, the characters, the tension - I had never read a book of its size so quickly.

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All of the characters who take the stand are male, while the women are quite literally left at home to have babies. But, as soon as they see Stu and Ralph off to one side of the road, they pulled over and stopped, immediately, to investigate. Yet not all the relationships in the book are problematic. Advertisement Looking at it now, things are more complicated. This was around at the beginning of King's career. The problem in having that many characters is that you have to, kind of, conclude the storyline for every one of them and it's where THE STAND gets a little flabby on the sides right through Book 2. Whichever one you read it's the same book, but for the finality of a single scene at the end of the remaster: where Randall Flagg has survived the novel's endgame, reborn somewhere else entirely, new memories and a new identity, and with a new group of people to try and lead.

One segment of the country responded with revolutionary fervor, while the other cheered on Peter Boyle in Joe as he killed hippies. But if you want to read one of the greatest examples of dystopian fiction with a healthy dose of fantasy thrown in then look no further.

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Advertisement Left-wing? Some of them, anyway. This is the Old Testament God who demands obedience and worship while usually rewarding his most faithful servants with gruesome deaths. Then the driver died. But, as soon as they see Stu and Ralph off to one side of the road, they pulled over and stopped, immediately, to investigate. As they make their way through an America almost entirely devoid of people, the survivors begin to unite and realize that the flu was just the beginning of their problems. And on the other side, we have God. He made it across the first border checkpoint, but when he tries to circle around, he was finally apprehended or seized while crossing through Oregon.

I tipped him five dollars when I came out this morning.

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Stephen King's The Stand: Summary & Analysis