An argument against compulsory sports training in american schools

There is a need to build or develop state of the art sports infrastructure in India. It is a red herring to say that PE makes any serious difference to people's health. Therefore, considering that I, and I'm sure many others are gaining nothing physically from pe lessons, and many are struggling with mental health problems and feeling uncomfortable during pe lessons, I would say that pe should always be optional and those who do not want to do it should be able to focus on their education instead!

Finally i would conclude by saying that everything is importantwe should balance our life RE: Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools!

should physical education be mandatory in schools pros and cons

Conduct of regular sports festivals and tournaments at all levels must be encouraged to recognise and reward the young talent, he added. If not forced to exercise in youth, many will never think to do it in adulthood.

Do you want to be a bad parent or a forceful school?

physical education should be compulsory in schools essay

Every school must have a dedicated time for students to play. There are plenty of more effective ways of ensuring a healthy population than pushing children round a freezing sports pitch once a week; not least would be addressing the disgusting diets our young have today, and encouraging walking or cycling to school rather than total reliance on the car.

Mums and dads are working longer and the increase in single-parent homes makes it harder to ferry children to and from club sport. It is only for students who are good at sports.

The Vice President said that participating in games and various sports will improve the concentration levels of an individual, promote the concept of team work and help in developing an attitude of stoicism, which is essential to accept defeat without any sense of bitterness, ill-will or grudge.

An argument against compulsory sports training in american schools

Children know, often from early ages, what they want to do with their life from what subjects they enjoy and those they don't. Sports training and PE take up time that could be better spent learning other subjects, and PE and Sport are not as important as other subjects like maths, science etc. It teaches children how to win and lose with good grace and builds a strong school spirit through competition with other institutions. Teamwork can be better developed through music, drama, community projects, etc. It is demonstrably unfair to ask students, fragile about their appearance as it is, to compete physically with classmates. However, I still have to take part in the lesson, just not for gcse. Successful sporting nations like Australia realise that sports, like any other specialised subjects, are best taught to selected groups that display both talent and interest in the field — forcing all to compete holds back the able and punishes the less able.

This has to be recognized and action has to be taken to realize this vital requirement for a good quality life.

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Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools!