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To familiarize students with the philosophical rationales undergirding each form of government, particularly the theoretical and practical relationship between the individual and the state.

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Franco-Prussian War Germany attacks France and wins quickly. Constitutions vs. Who holds power? Objectives To acquaint students with the major differences and similarities between the main forms of European and American government prevalent during the first half of the nineteenth century, i. Constitutions and Political Theory. Essentially Italian Bismarck, using wars and diplomacy to unite Italy under Piedmont control. Very popular, but leads to sharecropping and proletarianization. The Birth of the Republic. Used Hegel's dialectic method.

This is a reliable, if dated, discussion of the major nineteenth-century constitutional and governmental developments in Europe. Otto von Bismarck German statesman. Beer, Samuel H.

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This assignment, based on some outside or text reading, will give students a basis for an in-class discussion of the components, pros and cons, limitations, and potential of each system. Very useful for students. Creating a Nation Especially if this lesson comes after an Enlightenment discussion or a lesson on the French Revolution, another possible assignment or topic for discussion could be a brief words essay or debate on the necessary or desirable components of a constitution.

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German Empire proclaimed in Versailles for peace, and troops evacuate Rome, leading to full Italian unification. Both were extremely flexible, Bismarck saying "One must always keep two irons in the fire. The later chapters, particularly, encapsulate the constitutional debates of the s. Locke, particularly, based his views on the importance of an informed citizenry. One of the hallmarks of the period is the tension between a perceived "western" pattern and the persistence of the so-called ancien regime in Central and Eastern Europe. Students should not only be able to understand the different organizations of each governmental structure; they should also be able to point out the advantages and disadvantages of each form of government. Used Hegel's dialectic method. It does contain theoretical references students may stumble over, but in general it is accessible and very useful. Additional Resources [Note: This lesson plan is a logical extension of other topics in the nineteenth century. Famous artists: Beethoven, Chopin, Goethe, Austen. Bismarck and Cavour are both national heroes in their countries, and both have had ships in their countries' navies named for them. For the federal system, students should include the president, bicameral legislature, and supreme court. These include the parliamentary whether republican or as a constitutional monarchy and federal systems of representative government, which were the results of English revolutions of the s and and Enlightenment thought, and absolutist monarchy, still prevalent in much of Europe, including Prussia, Austria, and Russia, before the middle of the century.

Both were extremely flexible, Bismarck saying "One must always keep two irons in the fire. Manchester: Manchester University Press, Crimean War Russia invades Crimea to gain warm-water port.

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Cavour wanted both of these. Hated liberalism and nationalism in general. Have students discuss how these documents are written.

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