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The resulting perception, at least to kids, will be a lot of men in white shirts and black ties looking at monitors and talking in muffled radio transmissions.

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Apollo 11 landed the first humans on the moon on July 20, Our old black and white TV had a terrible picture all grainy and dark.

The "color" of the day is revelatory in itself: the 5-cent coffee, the hairstyles, the reactions, and some ridiculous promotional RCA paper caps that too many people chose to wear.

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Then we drove home to Rusk Texas, to watch the landing live. I wish JFK could have lived to see it become a reality. Growing up we always made a big fuss over the exact time of my birth — p. Several weeks later, the crew did their world tour and actually stopped in Guam. The text is spare and rhythmic blank verse, a delight to read aloud. Thank you, Buzz, Michael, Neil for your trip to a place of magnificent desolation. William H Lange I was currently in the U. I watched, fascinated at our old black and white TV and took photographs with my Cresta Brownie camera of the grainy landing images.

There are 9 other books in the series, on everything from the Harlem Renaissance to War in Afghanistan. As a bonus, the cover is very shiny and tactile, with a brilliant metallic finish. Many men and one woman!

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I clearly remember the joy and elation running around the hotel bar as a child with my siblings watching the moon landing on TV with my family… The feeling of joy I felt that day stays with me today. I watched all the Gemini and early Apollo launches with my father. Leah Hryciw I was being born at St. I was 17 years old. My dad and mom took me to Florida to see a later Apollo rocket on the launch pad and I got to go on a bus tour in the evening at Cape Canaveral, this was great!!! She liked measuring circles and triangles in geometry. Feature Katherine Johnson and Margaret Hamilton's contributions all you want, but there have only ever been men on the Moon. That was well past the bedtime of a nine-year-old child.

They then had a robot portion, where the robot was coded to go across the "moon" or mat. It was a really big deal even at age 3. The room was in total awe, you could hear a pin drop.

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