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For this reason, Ayurveda has not been able to position itself in an advantageous manner in spite of the growing interest and prevalence of Complementary and Alternative Medicine world over. The search results are displayed by default as article titles with author names sorted by the date of publication. Also low-cost asthma management programmers should be developed to ensure asthma care is available and affordable for all socio-economic sectors within the population. Official recognition of Ayurveda in Switzerland is expected to create a favorable impact in Europe and other parts of the western world, and therefore this initiative assumes significance for Ayurveda at the global level. The DHARA database makes it possible to publish systematic reviews of prior work and this can help in setting priorities for future research in Ayurveda. Narahari et al[ 2 ] have discussed the difficulties encountered in systematic literature search in Ayurveda and also suggest approaches that can yield better results. The Author's Area also provides a search field to retrieve specific author names. Indulal, Dr. Although the foundation has been laid for setting up a resource for indexing research papers published in the field of Ayurveda, it will be quite a challenge to keep the database updated and engaged in other maintenance tasks. Similarly, a search URL can be built for retrieving articles related to clinical trials on a particular disease or a drug. The home page also lists the number of authors as well as the number of first and last authors. Chinese medicine alone contributed articles in , and this number makes up the entire collection of research articles on Ayurveda in DHARA database. Some of the international publishers also copyright the abstracts of research papers. Apart from the available services, options to automatically list the related articles, other articles by same author and controlled vocabulary search for Ayurvedic terminology will be integrated into the DHARA database in the near future.

It is a sign of consciousness, provides enthusiasm to human beings. Nandini K Kumar, Dr. It was realized that systematic access to published research on Ayurveda was a prerequisite to explore the feasibility of meta-analyses and systematic reviews. Experts who participated in the consultative meetings gave valuable inputs that helped to build the DHARA database effectively in a short time.

In future, the journals will have to make formal request for indexing and also provide the data for indexing the articles.

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This sole sign of life is affected in this disease Tamaka swasa, causing an impendent to the Respiratory function. Journals Area for listing journals by keyword search or in alphabetical order to access basic information on journals, 6.

The full name, first name, or last name of the author can be typed in the field with or without initials and the database will display the results. And by clicking the number of articles, an issue by issue index to the journal will be displayed and the articles can be retrieved by clicking on each issue.

Based on the type of study, the articles are classified as Preclinical, Clinical, Postclinical, and so on. Coimbatore —Tamil Nadu, India E-mail: moc. Use of the field tag [tiab] will restrict the search to titles and abstracts.

Advanced Search with Boolean Operators, 3.

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