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When Santiago comes to see her, still clueless as to the Vicario's intentions, she is furious. As soon as he came to town, he impressed everyone except for Angela Vicario. Why did he choose Angela?

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It seems that people choose to keep Santiago in the dark and allow the tragedy to happen. She is not particularly keen on marrying Bayardo San Roman, but her family pushes her into it because they do not have much money and Bayardo San Roman is rich. She tells him that she hopes they kill him, and she goes into her room and locks the door. She takes a beating from her mother quietly. As an extremely wealthy man, Bayardo San Roman may indeed have thought that money could buy happiness. Bayardo arrives in August, six months before his eventual marriage. The murder takes place the day after the wedding when the town is in turmoil waiting for the visit of the bishop who is crossing the city by the river. Why was he passed out drunk after the wedding? Those who think that the brothers are kidding, people who know what is going to happen and think that the tragedy must be stopped, and local authorities who fail to exercise their duties and prevent the murder from occurring. Bayardo's mother, Alberta Simonds, is a mulatto woman from Curacao, who in her youth had been proclaimed the most beautiful woman in the Antilles. Xius died because of Bayardo's greed. He shows readers that social balance is extremely delicate. There is also a certain amount of male dominance that the honour code is used to validate. Her brothers feel very protective of her and this is one of the reasons why they carried out the murder of Santiago Nasar, even though they were reluctant to do it. He is never given a chance to defend himself.

The widower insists that the house is not for sale, but Bayardo keeps offering more and more money until Xius gives in. Uncle Moneybags The first crack in Bayardo's mask comes in how he seems to rely on money.

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However, his mother locks the door because she thinks that he is inside. She says that it was Santiago Nasar.

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No one can really be that perfect, can they? Marquez seems to portray its rigidity and how it encompasses everyone in society. They are quite open about their intentions and the rumor about what is about to occur spreads through the town. He is about thirty years old, but seems younger because he has a slim waist and golden eyes. I will analyse her character and her role in the novel to see whether she poses the possibility of transcending this honour culture. He's a total mystery, more so than any of the other characters, and that's exactly why we don't trust him. She says that it was Santiago Nasar. It turns out that Bayardo doesn't just use the money to try and make himself happy—he doesn't seem to mind using it to make other people unhappy. London: Penguin, Six months before, a handsome, young foreigner arrives to the town. They end up drinking with Bayardo San Roman and returning home drunk, still in possession of the music box.

However, she does not seem to possess the courage to defy them. They have a huge wedding, with extravagant gifts and days and nights of dancing and revelry. Flora's father tells him that the Vicarios want to kill him. But above all, he seemed to me like a very sad man.

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The twin brothers, Pablo and Pedro Vicario, are reluctant to commit the crime, but they have no other choice, they must kill the man who took their sister's honor. Angela is the youngest and the prettiest of the family. At the local cemetery, he visits the grave of Santiago Nasar, his best friend, who was murdered almost three decades ago. We mean that he appears to be one thing, but is really another. Their memories take them to the time of the crime. As soon as he came to town, he impressed everyone except for Angela Vicario. In the general understanding, telling the truth is considered the honourable thing to do. Pura Vicario wants Bayardo San Roman to identify himself properly; to gain her approval, he introduces his whole family. He is about thirty years old, but seems younger because he has a slim waist and golden eyes. When Angela protests to her parents that she does not love Bayardo, her mother dismissed her argument, telling her that love can be learned. The twins, with knives wrapped in newspaper, wait for Santiago to appear in Clotilde Armenta's shop, who gives them rum , hoping to make them so drunk that they will be unable to commit the killing. She is described as the prettiest of four daughters. Marquez seems to portray its rigidity and how it encompasses everyone in society. If that's not enough to convince you that this perfect man is not so perfect, we're not sure what will do it. He shows how a ripple of disturbance caused by Angela Vicario affects the entire town.
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