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In Chapter 1, an important distinction was made between testing and assessing.

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According to Brown , there are five categories of self and peer assessment: 1. An evaluation of self and peer assessment according to our classic principles of assessment yields a pattern that is quite consistent with other alternatives to assessment that have been analized in this chapter. Rather, it is best understood as one of the primary traits of the many available alternatives to assessment. Performance based as assessment procedures need to be treated as traditional tests: State the overall goal of the performance Specify the criteria of performance in detail Prepare students for performance in step-wise progressions Use a reliable evaluation form, checklist and rating sheet. Ifa child were asked, for example, to write a description of earth as seen from space, to work cooperatively with peers to design a three-dimensional model of the solar system, to explain the project to the rest of the class, and to take notes on a videotape about space travel, traditional standardized testing would be involved in none of those performances. Interview may have one or more of several possible goals in which the teacher: 1. Conferences must assume that the teacher plays the role of a facilitator and guide, not of an administrator, of a formal assessment.

Throughout this book, you have been reminded that all tests are assessments but, more important, that not all assessments are tests.

Gottlieb suggested a developmental scheme for considering the nature and purpose of portfolios, using the acronym CRADLE to designate six possible attributes of a portfolio: Collecting.

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Four guidelines will help teachers bring this intrinsically motivating task into the classroom successfully. It is easy to fly out of the cage of traditional testing rubrics, but it is tempting in doing so to flap our wings aimlessly and to accept virtually any classroom activity as a viable alternative.

Performance-based assessment needs to be approached with caution. For some, such alternatives held "ethical potential" Lynch, , p. Portfolios include materials such as: a. It often implies an integration of language skills, perhaps all four skills in the case of project work. Four guidelines will help teachers bring this intrinsically motivating task into the classroom successfully. Candidate —————————————— In the public eye, tests have acquired an aura of infallibility. Some rubrics involve scaling, that is, the assignment of numbers a numerical scale to the described levels of performance. State objectives clearly. They engage in higher-order thinking, with open-ended tasks. Categories or purposes in journal writing, such as the following: a.

Tests are formal procedures, usually administered within strict time limitations, to sample the performance of a test — takers in a specific domain. Requests an evaluation of a course.

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We remembered that all tests are assessments but that, more importantly, not all assessments are tests. Four guidelines will help teachers bring this intrinsically motivating task into the classroom successfully. Looking at a figure on page we see that as a technique increases in its wash back and authenticity, its practicality and reliability tend to be lower.

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