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Finally, the negotiations carried on by the EU should improve the general conditions of existing bilateral treaties thanks to a greater diplomatic power, unifying the various EU member state voices in requiring new concessions in investment issues.

To do so, first of all, it will offer an abstract of literature and theoretical contribution on Bilateral Investment Treaties effects.

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Two main aspects related between them were discussed and investigated. Particularly relevant are the discretionary enforcement of different drafted laws and regulations, the lack of coordination between different regulatory agencies and the lack of harmonisation with international standards. Giving the growing number of small and medium Italian firms operating in China, there is a growing interest among the investors for a better protection and support of SMEs, even granted by a bilateral agreement on investments. Finally, the behaviours and the difficulties faced by Italian firms in the investment process in the Guangdong region were deeply analysed, with particular regard to the role played by bilateral agreements for the FDI protection and to the development and the impact of a possible future EU-China treaty on investments. Bilateral investment treaties and foreign direct investment: correlation versus causation. They can be detracted from the tax to be paid; in some cases for example, those in favour of religious institutions can be deducted from the income. For example, BITs with market access provisions would be expected to have a greater impact on investment flows than BITs covering only the post-establishment phase, while BITs which incorporate a legally binding arbitration procedure are likely to be better valued by investors than BITs where such opportunity is limited or even absent Ginsburg, Italian investors consider almost all the reasons as quite important. To individuals with a low income, recognised as such by a specific Commission established at every Tax Commission, free assistance is guaranteed.

According to the Italian investors, the most important topic not directly related to investments to be tackled in the future EU agreement with China is the environment safeguard in China.

Primarily, the questionnaire asked about the effective utilisation of the existing Bilateral Investment Treaty tools, which are part of the instruments that the EU investment policy should reshape in future with China.

Browse our comprehensive database of medical billing and coding schools in Massachusetts. Only these kinds of firms can properly protect their subsidiaries in China, laying down a more mature understanding of Chinese business environment and a greater lobbying power.

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The key innovation was the creation of a new Common Investment Policy, which includes EU competence to negotiate international investment agreements, covering both market access and investment protection. Within the economic literature, BITs have generated very little attention, and the results were quite controversial Sachs and Sauvant, For the questions requiring a judgement on the significance of particular aspects, a five-point Likert-type scale was used for each specific statement. To enhance the skills ad get the knowledge of the industry there are a lot of courses and classes available. They all aim at eliminate restrictions on foreign investments, remove discrimination against foreign investors and protect from discriminating actions such as nationalization or expropriation from government Barba Navaretti and Venables, United Nations, New York. The holder of the right of residence must pay the Ici and declare the income of the building as part of Irpef. As of July 31, NextEra Energy has paid several local law firms, communications agencies and consulting agencies, one of which is tied to a state politician.

For subjects other than individuals, the municipality where their legal office is based or, in the absence of this, their administrative office. As discussed before, the Italian firms with a market seeking strategy are usually present in the service sector, particularly providing professional services, and are characterised by small size in terms of employees.

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From the sample mean scores analysis, it is clear that only few variables are widely recognize as key factors by the Italian firms investing in the Guangdong province. According to our respondents, the major problem concerns the heavily complicated application procedures, for instance for the licensing, the standards to fulfil in order to start the production, the registration processes and so on.

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Rather, those countries already engaged in the reforming process and with reasonably robust domestic institutions could gain several benefits from ratifying a treaty.

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If the new calculations of the corrective tax return result in a higher tax or a lower credit, the taxpayer must pay the due sums within the deadlines established.

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