Deforestation mitigation

The cost and carbon sequestration figures from WWF's estimates are extrapolated for the present rate of deforestation in Appendix O.

He demonstrated ways in which the economic model of his company was contributing to the development of tree farms in Indonesia while helping to take pressure off the virgin forest reserves.

Deforestation mitigation strategies

This is due to the facts that deforestation is the single biggest source to forestry emissions and that reduced deforestation is immediately noticeable, whereas afforestation is a long-term mitigation option since the trees will collect carbon throughout their growth period. Cacho, O. A meta-analysis of carbon forest sink. Afforestation costs vary by land type and region and are affected by the costs of available land, site preparation, and labour. Keller, and J. Energy Journal, special issue. Planting, seeding or the promotion of natural seed sources leads to increases in biomass, dead organic matter carbon pools, and soil carbon pools Paul et al. Kurz, M. Demand for wood products can threaten forests around the world, whether it is for throw-away paper products or hardwood flooring. Figure 3: Forest change dynamics as determined by the FAO click image to enlarge. Afforestation activities can increase the connectivity of forests, for instance adjacent to nature reserves, and therefore increase the mobility options for species through habitat expansion. MEA, Mcdonald, P. To prevent deforestation over the long term, there will have to be alternative solutions for a variety of social and economic problems.

Furthermore, the FAO determined that while deforestation rates show signs of decreasing, they are still "alarmingly high" FAO, Figure 9: Cumulative mitigation potential and according t o mitigation options under the 2. New York: Cambridge University Press. Keller, and J.

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Figure 4: Forest sector mitigation strategies need to be assessed with regard to their impacts on carbon storage in forest ecosystems on sustainable harvest rates and on net GHG emissions across all sectors click image to enlarge.

It is not something that the United States can pursue unilaterally, but rather will require careful attention to the needs and desires of a wide variety of people and cultures.

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Ravindranath, M. The lack of research funds is impairing the continuity of many research programs and also the implementation of technical recommendations and enforcement of legal exigencies.

Deforestation mitigation

Other wood products can be used to displacce fossil-fuel intensive construction materials such as concrete,steel, aluminium and plastics. However, sites with high initial soil carbon stocks can show a decline in soil carbon following afforestation Tate el al. Figure 2 illustrates the dynamics of deforestation. These impacts have not been a component of U. Developing Canada's national forest carbon monitoring, accounting and reporting system to meet the reporting requirements of the Kyoto Protocol. Modelling Conservation in the Amazon Basin. Soares-Filo et al. The duration of carbon storage in wood products ranges from days biofuels to centuries e. Stokes, A review of forest carbon sequestration cost studies: a dozen years of research.

Note 1. Ambasht and N. Environment Programme can stress the concrete over the abstract.

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Forest management techniques for mitigation (REDD+)