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It also shows the culture and customs of the tribe. Things Fall Apart is a novel that was written by Chinua Achebe, who is a supporter of multiculturalism as depicted in his book through the appreciation of the differences between cultures.

In the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, the protagonist character, Okonkwo, was so obsessed over masculinity that he was willing to sabotage relationships with friends, family and community members to prove his manliness. The Commissioner's plan for briefly treating the story of Okonkwo illustrates the inclination toward Western simplification and essentialization of African culture.

Okonkwo, a member of the Umuofia tribe, is deeply rooted in his religion, culture, and traditions.

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In Things Fall Apart, Achebe depicts negative as well as positive elements of Igbo culture, and he is sometimes as critical of his own people as he is of the colonizers. With the end of the Second World War, the German Empire collapses and the League of Nations takes it upon itself to take control of the former German colonies. Nigeria became an independent country on October 1, , and became a republic in Okonkwo is a good example of a respected member of the tribe who also has great renown. In the second part of the book it starts to go into about how Western cultural imperialism comes in and tries to teach the Igbo people their culture, language, education and especially their religion. These foreigners clashed with the Igbo tribes causing many differences within the traditions set by their ancestors, ultimately causing everything to fall apart. Traditions and change are ever present in society, without them society would not prosper. There are many self-determined individuals around the world. Many tribes in Africa also have untouchables, including the Igbo tribe Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is a secondhand novel of the colonization of Africa and specifically two small clans in Nigeria known as Umuofia and Mbanta. The opposition to imperialism that such authors voiced often rested on the notion that an advanced Western society corrupts and destroys the non-Western world. Despite the fact that two societies can exist during different periods of time and have conflicting cultural values, their stories and behavior can have surprising overlaps.

The majority of the story centers on an African tribe called Umuofia, on a man named Okonkwo, and reveals a look into the trials and tribulations in the life of an African tribe.

The central values of the novel revolve around status, virtues, power, and traditions that often determine the futures and present of the characters in the Achebe story. Who can blame Otokumbo for acting the way he did.

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Furthermore, Things Fall Apart ironically reverses the style of novels by such writers as Conrad and Cary, who created flat and stereotypical African characters. It is energy that unites the body, mind and spirit.

There are thousands of languages spoken within many different cultures of people in Africa. For the Igbo, life before the Europeans was much better. After colonization of Africa by the Europeans, the Europeans and their writings looked at Africa as having no diversity or culture in its colonized stage.

A series of military coups and dictatorships in the s, s, and early s replaced the fragile democracy that Nigeria enjoyed in the early s.

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