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Friends Event Management is an equal opportunity business making its expertise and its products available to help its customers plan their own events. The advertising firms made the most of this circumstances, as they took up event management as a very profitable side business. Friends Event Management will also target the local manufacturing companies, local service companies, private and public educational institutions, financial and non-financial institutions, and small businesses. Description: The first aspect of your business plan is a description of who you are or what you want your business to be. Friends Event Management will also advertise in online portal to reach attention of every possible viewer. But we want keep our all project cost as low as we can though efficient management of resources. Section 4: Event requirements Once you know your vision, you should lay out the details. In some cases, it is the responsibility of the event planner to draw — up a budget for the organizer of the event once they get a brief of the nature of the event. However Friends Event Management also decide to adopt every promotional activity to promote our business. Now, the truth is that you would need to be extremely detailed. Customized Corporate Events 2. Bearing in mind that all the support system, do their job in professional manner in developing each project and keep cost as low as we can without compromising our quality service. We also want to provide our client a lucrative event plan at a best rate. They are- 1.

Strategic development: Outline your plan for the event three to five years from now. So assuming all this thing we think this is the business we can choose as our own business and thus the idea of Friends Event Management turn into our business goal.

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Or, you may have been operating your solo operation from your dining room table for the past several months, and everything seems to be running along just fine.

Fortunately, Friends Event management will be able to achieve this target in the first year of operation. We also use 3-D model to visualize our event plan to our client for their satisfaction. Government events To organize above events we will try our best and categorized them into 4 category.

So we can assume a bright future and long run prospect of this business.

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Balance Sheet Years Cash 1, You need to explain the expected value of your event — your revenue stream and losses. It includes decorations, lighting effects guide, disposable theme cameras, cutlery, plates, napkins, cups, punch mix or recipesnack supplies or recipetablecloths, theme music where applicableinvitations, Department of finance Jagannath university 21 P a g e Business Plan: Friends Event Management thank-you cards, and a step-by-step guide to planning, putting together, and hosting the event.

In identifying the potential risks, the author was as thorough as she could, simply because using such foresight Friends Event Management will be able to stay away from all sorts of trouble.

Feedback forms will be included in these packets to ensure the client is being served as they deem appropriate. Table of contents Your table of contents should be a way for someone to easily understand the contents of your business plan.

The fixed cost of a service business is lesser than other business.

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These customers will form Friends Event Management non-corporate target group. Friends Event Management will also target the Government programs and bid for them. The use of trade shows allows potential client of Friends Event Management to make initial contacts with us for a wide range of businesses events that would otherwise be difficult to approach. Thank-you cards will follow each individual event. However, you can decide to build your event planning company around an area of specialization in the industry. What an Event Planning Business Plan Is An event planning business plan is a document that outlines the major aspects of your business. Attend local business events? Friends Event Management provides event planning in a wide range of applications. Now, the truth is that you would need to be extremely detailed. Friends Event Management will also advertise in Different weekly or monthly magazine to promote our business. In office location will have a secure storage area for supplies and equipment used in events, such as walkie-talkies, cellular phones, portable fax machines, and laptops.
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Event Planning Sample Business Plan