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Chapter three -At first Nick describes these as dignified individuals, women in gowns and men in suits. He seems generally uneasy.

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Since she said it in the strangest voice, he can't just be like any other man to her, and she has feelings for him. Generally it represents feminism and purity, but I don't know if those are really the words to apply to Jordan and Daisy.

He found her excitingly desirable. Chapter Quotes: "I believe that on the first night I went to Gatsby's house I was one of the few guests who had actually been invited.

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However, he is not a perfect mimic. I respect Nick for telling her how it is. Maybe Gatsby isn't as powerful as people seem to think. So many things in the world rely on wealth and beauty. Gatsby might be able to imitate the rich, but every now and then the facade slips, and you see that he is struggling to uphold this lie. So why, then, is Tom so upset? Word count: 85 Gatsby may not have many friends or know many people that comes to his parties. Nick notices that Gatsby is struggling to hide the truth, and wonders why. Wolfshiem, Nick is plainly looking at my cuff buttons They were composed of intrigued about this person, yet he likewise acts like he oddly familiar pieces of ivory. It was Gatsby's mansion. For almost the entire book, Nick is talking about Gatsby. The reader now knows that Gatsby is the same one that looked at Daisy in a romantic way by her white car. Finest specimens of has a terrible feeling about him.

People always say that you don't realize how much you have until it's gone, and Tom is now realizing that this is true. I had barely even started to read the story when I came upon this inspiring quote. I knew right away I made a mistake.

Is he jealous?

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Why would he have helped Gatsby reunite with Daisy if he didn't approve? Did anyone else not see anything to indicate that Nick didn't approve of Gatsby?

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Tom doesn't seem to realize that his relationship with Myrtle is very similar. This gives an mysterious atmosphere about him, as well as not seeing him until this point, and also gives off the impression that he is an introvert.

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