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You only need people who decide that their autocratic regime must go. Hassan al-Banna's younger brother, Gamal al-Bannawas a more liberal scholar and proponent of Islamic reform.

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Rooted in Islam, Al-Banna's message tackled issues including colonialism , public health , educational policy, natural resources management, social inequalities , pan-Islamism , nationalism , Arab nationalism , the weakness of the Islamic world on the international scene, and the growing conflict in Palestine. He was a scholar of Islam who wrote and collaborated on books on Muslim traditions, and he also had a shop where he repaired watches and sold record players. Leiden: E. Rather, he believed that it was imperative that the Ikhwan movement grew until it encompassed the entire Egyptian society. Al-Banna warned his readers against the "widespread belief among many Muslims" that jihad of the heart was more important and demanding than jihad of the sword. The denouement of Al-Banna The underground cells of the Muslim Brotherhood began to carry out major acts of violence in the s. However, the army has so far shown an exemplary restraint. The organization's growth was particularly pronounced after al-Banna relocated their headquarters to Cairo in He was also exposed to the breakdown of Islamic society in the city, and the trend to secularization, which shocked him. He built a complex mass movement that featured sophisticated governance structures; sections in charge of furthering the society's values among peasants, workers and professionals; units entrusted with key functions, including propagation of the message, liaison with the Islamic world and press and translation; and specialized committees for finances and legal affairs. Indeed, when Nasser came to power in , he immediately dissolved all political parties, sparing the Ikhwan organization. In founding the Muslim Brotherhood in , al-Banna also significantly ensured an enduring political ideologisation of Islam.

Twenty days later, a young Brotherhood member assasinated Noqrashi Pasha inside the Interior Ministry building.

Their complaints resonated with his own concerns; al-Banna became their leader and the Muslim Brothers was created. Less than three weeks later, the prime minister was assassinated by a member of the brotherhood. Though he criticized the conservatives, Al-Banna was more afraid of the ascendancy of the West and secularism.

It's motto is, "God is our purpose, the Prophet our leader, the Qur'an our constitution, Jihad our way and dying for God's cause our supreme objective.

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In conclusion, the thought of al-Banna does, to a great extent, signify the political ideologisation of Islam in the twentieth century. Life itself shall come searching after you. He even devised a prayer for the use of his follower, combining the sentiment of Egyptian-Nationalism and Islamic solidarity. The Ikhwan therefore placed a great deal of importance on publication and issued a number of newspapers, magazines, and periodicals. This will only occur if the borders of the State of Israel are determined. It would be a mistake to impose a new dictatorship now. This in turn prompted the murder of Al-Banna, presumably by a government agent, in February , when Al-Banna was still only 43 and at the height of his career. Al-Banna"s leadership was critical to the spectacular growth of the brotherhood during the s and s. Because of his father's connections in the religious community, he met prominent Islamic scholars. He also preached in the mosque, and in coffee-houses. Hani Ramadan: Many wrongly demonize the Iranian regime.

It formed both a recruiting ground and a mechanism for funneling money from charity into subversive activities. He argues that "this type of spiritual appeal to forces beyond human reasoning is the common language of all villains, scamps, scallywags, rascals, warlords, and gangsters, whether Bush, Blair or Khomeini.

NR: Can you give me your general impression on the events unfolding in Egypt right now?

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Al-Banna strongly believed that political parties had become a real menace, hindering the development of Egyptian society.

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