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Provide support to web based MIS for smooth operations and effective utilization.

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Similarly Project Implementation Units PIUs have been set up for each of the line departments to monitor and supervise the implementation of the activities pertaining to the concerned departments.

We have also developed insights on the potential environmental impact of agriculture policies by identifying possible policy mis-alignments and how to jointly address sustainability and productivity growth goals.

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Each of these departments would be required to implement and manage various activities proposed under various components under this project. Credit, Insurance and Financial support is being extended to farmers. Edgar Olivera y al Ing. Such systems are widely used in order to increase the transparency and the volume of information flowing through the supply chains for different agricultural products.

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The Government is sensitive to the role of Agriculture in Economic development with a vision. Then we drove out to the prosperous village of Piuray, about an hour from Cusco on the road to the Sacred Valley. Amongst donors there is a renewed interest in promoting regional trade, particularly in Africa, and market information is seen as an important way of achieving this. Algunos de los habitantes locales trabajan en la ciudad como abogados e ingenieros. And there is no simpler word for legume. The MIS will capture transactions in the field to track all aspects of project progress. The actual process of hiring a Service Provider SP and setting up of full-fledged web based interactive MIS will take time, and, as all the critical project activities need to be monitored from the day-one of project implementation, it has been decided to develop Simple MIS which will be developed by PCU in consultation with the PIUs. The software should be capable of automatically collating and generating reports required at various levels. I have learned a lot from them in a week of working and writing together.

To support this work and help governments assess whether the policies they have in place are most likely to boost productivity and minimise environmental damage, the OECD developed a set of agri-environmental indicators AEIs More specifically, the AEI database can be used to: provide a snapshot of the current state and trends of environmental conditions in agriculture that may require policy responses; highlight where new environmental challenges are emerging; compare trends in performance across time and between countries, especially to assist policy makers in meeting environmental targets, threshold levels and standards where they have been established by governments or international agreements; and monitor and evaluate agriculture policies; and project future trends.

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