Ideas for writing a letter to your son

Ideas for writing a letter to your son

How do you think it changed who you are today? How did it make you feel? Wouldn't you be happy to know that inside that box are all the little notes, now yellowing, that you wrote to him as a little boy, in which you said all the things that were in your heart at the time? As our children were growing up, Susan began to feel as if all communication with them was becoming instructional or disciplinary. Does your child have any specific fears? No matter what, I've got your back. What was your adult life like?

Do any specific celebrations or parties stand out in your memory? Love letters are traditionally written for a spouse or significant other, but they can be penned for anyone who holds a special place in your heart.

Live your own dreams. Knowing some basic ideas to include in such a letter will help you compose a complete and sincere expression of pride and encouragement.

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Paint a picture of life with your parents. Were there certain sports you played or games you liked? Don't you still remember how happy you were as a child to receive such a postcard or greeting card from someone you loved?

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Not a sleeper? Do any specific celebrations or parties stand out in your memory? Or it can just feel too time consuming and not really worth the effort. You have always been an amazing brother. The best part about having these words in writing is that your son will be able to look back at this letter at a moment when he is feeling discouraged or ashamed. Don't take life so seriously. Yet it may be the most important letter you will ever write. How have you expressed your faith for example, were you baptised? Letter writing has become a lost art in recent years. What did you learn about yourself from them?

You taught yourself to read when you were just three! What helped you to feel better when you were afraid?

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Did you do staycations? You can accomplish great things by taking risks. You loved to crawl into bed with me in the morning and play with my hair. What did your room look like when you were young?

You fill my days with chatter and questions I never knew an year old would ask

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Writing Letters to Your Children, Part Three: The Prompts