Leadership and human behavior essay

More importantly, from a management perspective, no one escapes human relationship in an organization. Managing change may require not only the participation of all the people in the organization, but also their commitment to change.

The classic studies of industrial work relations revealed a lot about the impact of management strategies on workers. At present, there is no single theory of management that is universally accepted.

Human factors in leadership

People achieve their leadership status in different ways. All things considered, an effective manager must know and understand the major management theories. It is very difficult to begin to draw a solid line from where normality begins and finishes becoming abnormal. The manager who transmits this information to others is carrying out the role of disseminator. Change and progress relate to organizational growth, which threaten accustomed tranquility among the individuals in the organizational process. As such, his actions should not only be legal, but also moral. Cognitive — to be free of the good opinion of others — learning for learning alone, contribute knowledge. A bureaucratic structure can have an impact on the behavior of individuals in the organization. However, fulfilling the various needs has relatively independent affects on a person's subjective well-being. As such, managers must know and understand the communication process to meet the demands of the organization. Relate the history of the American corporation and how the corporation was able to legally obtain the power it has today.

People who have their basic needs met become much better workers as they are able to concentrate on fulfilling their and the organization's visions, rather than consistently struggling to make ends meet. As three Americans authors noted: Change itself has been the most constant aspect of the twentieth century.

Country Club Mgmt 1,9 : Thoughtful attention to the needs of people for satisfying relationships leads to a comfortable organizational atmosphere and work tempo.

Leadership and human behavior essay

Relate the organizational climate to external, political forces in the environment. Efficiency and accountability are the two main thrusts of leadership in any organization. Individuals have certain expectations in joining the organization. Unfavorable Situation: The situation is considered as highly unfavorable if it possesses a low level of interpersonal relationship between leaders and members, a poorly defined task and a relatively a weak perceived power. Although managers are given enough power and certain prerogatives in the management of their organization, instituting changes in the work groups would not be an easy undertaking. One of the most crucial management decisions involves the choice of organizational form. The past is always a good gauge in understanding the present realities and in determining the future actions. Sciences are objective. If the factor is not met, then it becomes a Dissatisfier. Environment consists of external variables over which the organization is unable to exercise control. He must move forward by all means, creeping on all fours to create organizational goals no matter how intangible they may seem to be. It is almost as flat as this board. Describe some of the uniquenesses in the Japanese style of management. Without this spiritual or transegoic sense, we are simply become machines.

The employee expectations can make effective contributions to their effort. For example, motivating a middle-class person who has met the first four levels with positive feedback and encouragement will have a greater impact than using the same motivator to affect a minimum wage person from the ghetto who is desperately struggling to meet his or her basic needs.

organizational behavior essay

There is, however, a problem in understanding it. This essay with explain the key ideas of the behaviourist, biological and humanistic approaches and will compare and contrast their assumptions on human behaviour.

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