Market size of nokia

The Nokia 8 Sirocco edition stood out as a gorgeous slab of glass that put an emphasis on ergonomics, style, and stock Android over all-out power. Another big problem was that Nokia was using obsolete chipsets in its devides.

The Nokia 9 PureView is an intriguing phone, with five cameras at the back. Go up directly against Samsung with differentiators and they lose. Nokia could have an edge over rivals in 5G deployment, considering its increasing focus on end-to-end solutions following its acquisition of Alcatel Lucent, with its expertise including radio, core, optical as well as digital technologies.

The Nokia name is valuable, it brings to mind reliable, easy to use, quality phones. In this note, we take a look at the year that was for Nokia and what lies ahead for the company in A design-first strategy could do the trick for the target demographic.

We take a look behind the numbers to work out why these phones are so attractive to consumers. And he would have had the same kind of blow back.

nokia market analysis

Nokia attempted to revive N-Gage as a platform for their S60 smartphones, which eventually launched in This meant they could run a handset business at break even and still effectively make a ton of money. I can see the argument for sticking with MeeGo but I think if I had been on the board I would have voted to kill it.

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Can Nokia Still Succeed in the Smartphone Market?