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Life[ edit ] Partly self-educated, she probably received a rudimentary education at either a local dame school, or at the local free school in Brackley on the south side of the Chapel. A second play remained unfinished. Work[ edit ] Like many writers of the period, Leapor used a pastoral -sounding pen name, "Mira".

You might free essays sundiata like essay. Does thirst of gold a virgin's heart inspire, Instilled by nature or a careful sire?

What numbers for those charming features pine, If blooming acres round her temples twine! In she arranged the posthumous publication of Poems upon Several Occasions with some subscribers for the benefit of Philip Leapor.

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The damsels view her with malignant eyes, The men are vexed to find a nymph so wise: And wisdom only serves to make her know The keen sensation of superior woe.

This "self-portrait" attempts to break in some contemporary standards of beauty, by picking apart her bodily flaws openly, posing a challenge to a sub-culture which expected women to tuck away their defects: Corydon.

Then let her quit extravagance and play, The brisk companion and expensive tea, To feast with Cordia in her filthy sty On stewed potatoes or on mouldy pie; Whose eager eyes stare ghastly at the poor, And fright the beggars from her hated door; In greasy clouts she wraps her smoky chin, And holds that pride's a never-pardoned sin.

The date of death given on the headstone is believed to be incorrect, as the Bishop's Transcript is the definitive record of the date of her burial. The posthumous subscription garnered almost signatories.

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The Age of Oddities: Reading the Eighteenth Century: 'An Essay on Woman'