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The ban left no way of producing pasteurised milk legally during this period as these are the only companies with clearance from the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution or BSTI. The bench also said all concerned should remain careful so that foreign milk powder cannot take over the local market taking an opportunity in this situation.

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People have a constitutional right to have pure and hygienic foods and milk, the HC bench of Justice Md Nazrul Islam Talukder and Justice KM Hafizul Alam said during hearing a suo moto voluntary rule issued in this regard.

The company will sort out problem and resolve it about pasteurised milk, he added.

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It also directed the authorities to guard against purchase and consumption of pasteurised milk of these companies, including some top brands such as Aarong, Igloo, Milk Vita state-run and Pran. Data Sources: Most important part for any study involves data collection, with the tune to match the objectives outlined; the study approach was set forth to accumulate data through personal interview wherever applicable and possible. Item-wise definition and strategic discussions are placed to ventilate the appropriate issues. BFSA lawyer Barrister Mohammad Faridul Islam placed the compliance report saying that the organisation has already filed 10 cases with the Pure Food Court in Dhaka against 10 milk producing companies after finding harmful heavy metals in their pasteurised milk. Related Topics. Such assumptions which may or may not be true are called statistical hypothesis and in general are statement about the probability distributions of the populations. Not only objectives but also the activities are very much influential. All the products however, are to be marketed through Dhaka Marketing Unit. The statistical testing of hypothesis is the important technique in statistical inference. Moreover, BSTI was yet to set tolerable limits of antibiotics in milk, he pointed out. The hypothesis is made about the value of some parameter but the only facts available to estimate the true parameter are those provided by a sample. Studying the situation of the selected organization i.

Shortage of time is one of the major problems for me to collection the large number of data or information. Through it was assumed, once it collected, it would be obviously of great use by the organization Milk Vita Through appropriate analysis.

Moreover, since the incumbent is related to a business house, executively with the present chosen one, it was felt by the guide as well as by the student that the designed study would be useful in terms of both on academic vision and practical mission and understanding.

Field observation of the actual strategic decisions. Some of them are as follows: Collecting information without reference and personal acquaintance was found almost impossible. The company would sort out and gradually resolve the problems regarding pasteurised milk over the presence of antibiotics and other substances in it, he added.

After a vivid thought and discussion, the present assignment was offered to the student of this study considering the factors of his specialization in marketing disciplines. The company can now produce, distribute and sale its pasteurised milk, he said.

It was initiated as a development project of the Government titled "Co-operative Dairy Complex" with the objective of ensuring fair price for the poor, landless and marginal milk producing farmers of the rural Bangladesh and on the other hand to provide the city dwellers with a regular supply of fresh and hygienic milk and milk products at a reasonable price.

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