Mind mapping for writing a novel

They can be used for storing and delivering information, as well as for collaborating on projects. From there, draw the connecting ideas. Mind maps will also help you connect unrelated ideas, outline your work, and save time writing.

Story mind map worksheet

She worked with patience and skills to improve my manuscript to perfection. Learning to mind map for novel planning, plotting, and character development can be a LOT of fun as a writer — and it can be a useful skill for many other types of writing as well. Try Both Digital and Paper Types of Mind Maps: Some people prefer making them on the computer, while others enjoy drawing and coloring them out. What was their childhood like? Spots are limited! What do you want your book to be about? While the original story of course is not a novel with chapters, the storyline and plot is familiar enough that it will help you identify some of the different aspects of how we went about organizing the ideas in a mind map. I fill in all the elements of the scene that I know.

Her critiques inspire me to dig deeply into my story and her suggestions empower me to improve my craft. Her insight and expertise were immensely helpful in guiding multiple rewrites prior to publishing.

What if things had happened differently?

short story mind map template

Novel Plotting Mind Map Examples One of the easiest ways to understand how to mind map your novel is to look at a few examples. What was their childhood like?

mind map storytelling

I can then easily share the information with others.

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Creative Mind Mapping for Novelists