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To counter these, bKash can come with more aggressive strategy and people-centric facilities. Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

There is an opportunity for the new entrants in the industry. But it also imposed an 8 important regulatory constraint: only banks are allowed to provide MFS.

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However, the substitute services are not much strong so the companies are not giving much attention to substitutes.

Some of them are situated in marketplaces where monetary transactions are risky. The Bangladesh Accountant.

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Beside this DBBL is also doing this kind of branding to promote their mobile banking services. Now in this mobile banking industry bKash is the market leader PRI,but growth rate is very high in this industry.

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There are so many mobile recharging shops in different locations in Bangladesh. Business Model of bKash. However, there is no strong competitive substitute for mobile banking industry as the existing alternatives are either nearly obsolete or in embryonic stage and thus posing very little threat to the industry. At the same time, it is still in early stage of development. People are becoming very interested to this hustle free banking system that lets them transfer money from one place to another. A similar issue which arises is that users often think that advanced English is required to use bKash. For each cash out done by customers from agents, the charge deducted is 1.

Within a very few seconds, by using their smart phones, people are now able to know their account balance, transaction history, products of the bank, and facilitate fund transfer at anytime from anywhere.

Along with keeping money safe, one can also enjoy up to 4 per cent Interest per annum on Savings on your bKash Account bKash, Dhaka Tribune.

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