Need for afforestation

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This is being done to decrease the pressure on the use of existing hardwood species of the forest like black cherry, black walnut, and northern red oak.

For example, more than 2 square kilometers of forest expansion can increase the possibility of rainfall.

conclusion of afforestation

It is important because it helps check the over-use of natural resources by providing an alternative source pool.

We can't thrust this responsibility only on the government or on the public institutions or on any particular person.

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Forests are very important for us. Life on Land Issues. Afforestation in this region could induce more precipitation, and water availability could potentially increase in the long term. The seasonal and annual water yield from forested areas largely depends on forest management, covering selection of tree species, forest structure, and density.

Objectives of afforestation

The benefits of this practice, which is called agroforestry, are: In terms of the environmental benefits, planting trees is always beneficial whether it takes place in a barren land or is used as a method to regenerate a depleted forest. China reached the point where timber yields declined far below historic levels, due to over-harvesting of trees beyond sustainable yield. With increasing needs for water and food security and rapid urbanisation resulting from a booming global population, forests maintenance and development face great competition with other priorities. We need to consider three central aspects. The government must invest in the afforestation of hilly and desert areas. The funds can be used for treatment of catchment areas, assisted natural generation, forest management, wildlife protection and management, relocation of villages from protected areas, managing human-wildlife conflicts, training and awareness generation, supply of wood saving devices and allied activities. In Nigeria, afforestation is considered as a promising solution to achieve climate change mitigation and to solve water supply issues Olorunfemi et al.

The European Union EU has paid farmers for afforestation sinceoffering grants to turn farmland back into forest and payments for the management of forest. Tree water use also declines with age.

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