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Was there a Trojan War?

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A key problem with identifying this city as Homer's Troy is the way it ended. Yet Hector bore the knowledge that both he and his city were doomed.

The "timbers of our ships have rotted away and the cables are broken and far away are our wives and our young children," the poem reads translation by Richmond Lattimore. Diomedes was intimidated and the Greeks drew back, but Athena gave Diomedes the courage to attack Ares.

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After a poignant conversation with his wife Andromache and dandling his infant son Astyanax, Hector went back to the field and issued a challenge to duel to Achilles, who declined. If Odysseus claimed credit for the notion of the huge wooden horse, Athena had given the idea to another.

Quick to see that Achilles and his band of Myrmidons had retired from the fighting, the Trojans made a spirited attack.

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The Trojan War