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Offer to proofread a friend's paper if they will review yours. Colorado State University; Proofreading.

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Avoid trying to proofread you entire paper all at once, otherwise, it will be difficult to maintain your concentration. Doing it this way will help to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and allow you to concentrate better. It is not simply changing a few words or deleting a sentence: clear writing requires a commitment of time and attention. Be sure each sentence is a complete one. If you are more cognizant of errors that you make on a regular basis, you will be more likely to be aware of them during the writing process and will eventually learn to correct them. Site about job for academic writers. Check your formatting! Effective and efficient proofreading requires extended focus and concentration. You can only pause at punctuation, and you can only breathe at end punctuation periods, question marks and exclamation points. Where you proofread is important! Writing CSU.

Strategies to Help Identify Errors Work from a printout, not a computer screen. Here's how: Think about what errors you typically make.

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A large number of our clients are senior researchers, advanced students and business professionals who are not native speakers of English but who wish or need to present or publish their research in the English language. Don't make corrections at the sentence and word level if you still need to work on the overall focus, development, and arrangement of the paper, of sections in the paper, or of individual paragraphs.

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Also make sure that the titles cited in your bibliography are mentioned in the text. What is Proofreading — Useful Basics Proof reading, at its root, means thoroughly critiquing your writing to discover and correct errors in writing, grammar, style or spelling.

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Why is it important to proofread your research paper?