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Customizing Role Definitions When you customize user roles, try to follow the existing naming standards, so the purpose of each customized role is clear.

value stream mapping examples manufacturing

See the figure below as an example from the textiles industry. Use any nomenclature that is appropriate for your organization.

Closed Circuit from the Customer back to the Customer 5. Historically, most of the VSM sessions I have facilitated focus on the cycle time in each process step.

Value stream mapping examples

Customer Shipping What, When, and How do we ship to our customer. The Information flow along with the process flow to make the product 3. Add them using the factory symbol. Firefighter authorization object documentation specifies the significance of each object and field to help customize the authorizations of firefighter roles. The following is a list of common used abbreviations with an example of a data box. NVA activities are any activities that fall into the eight wastes. CVA activities must fit one or more of three criteria: Customer wants you to do it. Generate the role to ensure the related authorizations are created. See the figure below as an example from the textiles industry. Data Boxes Next place data boxes below each of the processes done in the previous step. This adds up to the cumulative time for all the red, yellow and green post-it notes. It is done right the first time. Below is an example of a Value Stream Map using colored post-it notes and a flip chart. The material or information is being processed or transformed to final products. Also, the WIP maybe included if it is considered significant.

Pre-defined roles do not include the basic SAP system access required for functions such as printing, transaction SU53, and other no,n-firefighter provisioning. The simplified VSM below focuses on cycle time of each step. In this case we use a digital representation rather than taking a picture of a VSM on an actual flip chart.

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What do you think? Users Each user must be assigned a role. You can add other process information on the post-it note as necessary.

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Step for Vsm Handout Essay