Supply chain management an analysis of education

While supply chains have essentially existed since the start of business, the field of supply chain management, or logistics, has not been thoroughly studied until fairly recently. Like many large corporations in today's global marketplace, the supply chain at Apple may make a great deal of difference to the bottom line amid growing competition.

The primary evaluation techniques include the traditional exams, projects and homework. The school leaders tout their balanced and holistic approach to supply chain management with a program "designed with the realization that essential breakthroughs in business productivity and quality must be process based and such processes must transcend traditional business functionality and embrace the need for cross-organization relationships.

These data provide input for gap analysis between offerings in higher education and those needs identified by practitioners.

With the recent launch of the iPhone 5 and the impending holiday season, Apple's complex supply chain will soon be put to the test.

academic supply chain management

Findings — Data gathering efforts yielded a sample of logistics courses representing 77 schools and six different countries. Details regarding learning objectives and grading schema are provided along with a gap analysis between the coverage of logistics courses and the needs identified by practitioners.

New job openings, competitive salaries and a strong potential for advancement in the growing field have inspired many MBA programs to take notice.

Like many high-profile tech companies, portions of Apple's supply chain also maintain a high-risk profile.

Lehigh University's College of Business and Economics recently reported the most undergraduate supply chain management majors in the program's year history, while North Carolina State University's Poole College of Management is weighing the possibility of establishing a supply chain concentration within its undergraduate accounting program.

At Michigan State, supply chain MBA faculty integrate topics including manufacturing operations, purchasing, transportation and physical distribution into a unified course of study.

academic supply chain

While Apple's supplier responsibility progress report states that the company's labor policy is for workers to work a maximum of 60 hours per week and get at least one day off per week, 93 of its suppliers and more than 50 percent of workers were found to have exceeded those limits.

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Logistics education: a look at the current state of the art and science