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She gradually comes to realise her own identity as a young woman and human being, and even develops compassion for the Duke, going far beyond the nuns' stunted views of life.

Key Themes Gothic setting of being remote, imprisoning and strange.

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She did not know the extent of his evil, but she is still not totally blameless. Since Christ is the ultimate martyr, the mirrors comprise another death reference. In rejecting wealth, earning a living, and residing with her mother, the narrator not only fulfills her wish for independence; she does a sort of penance for allowing sexist abuse in her former life.

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She marries primarily for money and position, because as a peasant woman she has little opportunity or encouragement to earn these for herself. The heroine begins to question if her objectification is worth it — indicating that she has more agency than just a stereotype. The mother asks if the heroine loves her husband, and the heroine admits that she does not, but she is still determined to marry him. All eyes were on her, her massive opal wedding ring, and her wedding gift, "a choker of rubies, two inches wide, like an extraordinarily precious slit throat. Even though Carter empowers the heroine on a literary level, in the story she is forced into a position of subjugation and ignorance. When she reaches her grandmother's house, the paw has turned into a hand with the grandmother's ring on it, and the grandmother is both delirious and missing her hand. Then she looks out the window and sees her mother riding frantically toward the castle. The events that surround the forbidden chamber echo Eve's temptation and fall in the Garden of Eden, thus connecting each wife's downfall to the idea of original sin. It is a Novella — between a short story and a novel. Realising the Erl-King's plan, she kills him by strangling him with his own hair, thus keeping her freedom. The Marquis demands to see the key and, noticing the bloodstain, he announces that he will behead the heroine. Sexual connotations.

This is a narrative technique which will somehow resolve the plot. Some Critical Terms The denouement climax of the story is when the Marquis is shot by the mother.

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After going through his desk, she learns more of his previous wives, which pushes her to take the forbidden key and enter his chamber. Unable to clean the blood from the magic key, the Marquis discovers that she has entered the bloody chamber and presses the key into her forehead, leaving a red mark.

It has a music room furnished with a fine piano and a portrait of Saint Cecilia playing an organ. To exaggerate this aspect of the collection would diminish the impact of each tale in itself, but it does reveal The Bloody Chamber as very much a product of its time and of the concerns of the feminist movement in the late s.

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Manuscript notes and drafts of 'The Bloody Chamber' by Angela Carter