The concepts of equity in sport

Experience has shown that programmes implemented with resistance from the community are less likely to continue activities once the programme comes to an end.

racial equality in sport

Lets explore this in more detail. The Equality Standard is a national framework for widening access and increasing the participation and involvement in sport and physical activity from under-represented individuals, groups and communities, especially women and girls, ethnic minority groups and people with disabilities.

This can help to avoid potential issues with promoting competitive sports. The middle spectator can see the game and is now included, while despite receiving equal treatment the smaller spectator still cannot see the game and remains excluded.

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This image presents a metaphor. This image illustrates the idea of liberation. Is it fair? After all treating everyone the same is fair and this leads to inclusion, right?

Barriers and enablers in sport

We need to consider the context and the goals of our activities. This image illustrates the idea of liberation. In this case the two shortest spectators are given enough boxes to see over the fence. Liberation represents the removal of barriers or imposed thresholds that cause disadvantage rather than provision of resources and supports. Equality provides everyone with the same resources and supports to overcome a barrier or reach a threshold. Equality, Equity and Liberation approaches may help navigate some of these challenges. Equity provides individuals with the resources and supports they need to overcome barriers or reach a threshold. Have we achieved true inclusion for everyone?

This illustrates the idea of equity. However, they both remain at a disadvantage to the tallest spectator who has an even better view than before.

Equity issues in sport

In this case the fence. By removing the fence everyone can see. This is only fair when the barriers or limitations can be removed for everyone. Achieving liberation assumes the barriers and thresholds can be removed completely, however this may or may not be possible in every situation for everybody. Then take an approach or mix of approaches that achieve our inclusion goals. In designing sport activities that address the challenges of realising inclusion we need to consider many points of view. For inclusion to happen we need to consider the unique circumstances of individuals and groups, build an understanding of the causes of disadvantage and then take steps to decrease or ideally remove that disadvantage.

In this case you could argue yes! Equity relies on having enough resources to go round and assumes they can be shared. In this case the two shortest spectators are given enough boxes to see over the fence.

how to improve gender equality in sport

A lot of the time equality is included in our definitions of what social inclusion and indeed inclusion in sport, really means, i.

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Equity in Sport