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Mr Modi added his own twist.

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While in the s, Gujarat was already ahead of all the other states of India, it remained so in the years toand lagged behind Bihar by a single percentage point in the years from towhen Gujarat became number three, neck and neck with Maharashtra. It will be a vast affair with visitors from countries.

A roll call in the PMO, senior bureaucracy and investigating agencies reveal a disproportionate number of Gujarat cadre officers, a majority of whom had worked closely with the prime minister in his previous avatar.

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Poor rainfall made it hard to scratch out a living in farming; a long coastline favoured international trade. Second, he wanted Gujarat to be singled out because of its growth rate—a magic figure everybody was obsessed with at that time. In addition, this growth is neither sustainable ground water, a major source of irrigation is depleting badly without adequate efforts in recharge nor equitable marginal farmers did not receive much benefits and agricultural wages for the rising number of agricultural labour are almost lowest in the country. Was he removed because of a turf war or because, as has been speculated, he was planning to investigate the contentious Rafale deal? Before the BJP took over, the liberal leanings of the earlier chief ministers were systematically balanced by attention to social policies, including reservations-based positive discrimination in the s. Between and , Gujarat was the state where investment in industry was the highest above Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu , but that did not translate into job creation as much as in these states, where the enterprises tended to be smaller and more labour-intensive. Haider, secretary of IT for the government of Gujarat. The very fact that the Gujarat government has given increasing priority to big investors has impacted the state in many different ways. He saw that e-governance, the application of IT to the provision of government services, could make civil servants more accountable and cut corruption. A vulture perhaps, feeding on its own carcass of dwindling credibility as an agency free of political interference? Other exporting states, such as Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, also did well. The concerned departments were aggressive in expediting the procedures to facilitate investment flows. Four of the eight banks had to be liquidated.

Public expenditure on health is 0. Apollo, a big tyre manufacturer, opted in to build a plant in Gujarat in part because clearances were less painful than elsewhere. It is one of freeing up space for private initiative and enterprise and the creation of an enabling environment by the state".

Soon after, the BJP lost local polls in the rural parts of Gujarat, and init also lost to the Congress in rural constituencies —a clear indication of the crisis the peasants, the artisans, and the cottage industry were facing.

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Governance in Gujarat has reached the very last person in the queue. The entire world talks about the Gujarat Model of Development. This is a Model that celebrates the collective efforts of the people of Gujarat. In short, the hype created around the Gujarat model is hollow and fake. The violence against Muslims climaxed in and what followed was complete exclusion of the community from the mixture of electoral plurality. It will be a vast affair with visitors from countries. These fiscal constraints have further reduced the ability of the state to spend on social expenditures education, health… — something Gujarat was good at in the s, but not anymore. What sets Mr Modi apart from many of his predecessors is his ability to make a decision and be held accountable for it. The darker aspects of the Gujarat story, be it deeply divided communities or glaring regional and income inequalities, were glossed over.

This emphasis on basic infrastructure, a hallmark of the Gujarat model, extends to making land easily available for commercial development. Electoral bonds in India are a step in this direction.

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The Truth Behind the Gujarat Growth Model