The just not caring essay

And along with our gum lines and our sex drive, our ability to give a fuck has receded to the point of non-existence. These people keep us shaking in our little space boots, dreading what they will think and searching for their approval to gage the worth of our own work.

I put together a page ebook explaining how we can come to know ourselves better, just fill out your email in the form.

how to not care what others think psychology

How many of your thoughts are devoted to the opinion of others? You will also never meet people that you like, because they aren't really people that your true self would want to hang out with.

why dont i care about anyone

To understand how other human being suffer. That you owe nothing to them.

The just not caring essay

One insult has the ability to send you to the deepest depths of misery and self-loathing. I don't care how the bills get paid, I need my insert drug of choice. This simplification actually makes us really fucking happy. How does my life look to others? Maybe people ought to start. We now reserve our ever-dwindling fucks only for the most truly fuckworthy parts of our lives: our families, our best friends, our golf swing. And an occasional lawsuit or two.

And here, allow me to fucking show you. Therefore, we give tons of fucks. The people who go out of their way to make hateful comments, usually under an alias, must have a pretty crappy life. To take some time to care about what other humans go through. There's no reason why another human being can't help to solve those problems.

We accept it, warts and all.

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Not Caring Is The Key To Success