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No one knows about his background, where he grew up or what the start of his life had been like. It remains unclear whether the infantry shooting bolts, arrows and stones at the spearmen proved the deciding factor, although it is very likely that it was the arrows of Edward's bowmen.

Wallace then went abroad, notably to France, to seek support for the Scottish cause.

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He arrived in London on the 22nd August. A huge monument —69 to Wallace stands atop the rock of Abbey Craig near Stirling. A minor noble without any real background to speak of, William Wallace came on the scene in , a year after Scotland had been invaded by the British. There are no clear cut sources for the presence of cavalry, but it is safe to assume that Edward had roughly horse under his command. But Sir William Wallace needs no tomb. Wallace and Moray were not involved, and continued their rebellions. Naturally, many different members of the nobility stepped forward to proclaim their right to the throne, and tensions rose as each man jockeyed for control; Scotland was on the brink of Civil War To stop this, the King of England at the time, Edward the I, stepped in after being requested to arbitrate by the Scottish nobility. More than half of them would have been Welsh.

The Scots fled, and Wallace resigned the guardianship, preferring to fight the overwhelming might of England with guerrilla tactics. His stomach was opened and his entrails were pulled out and burnt before him.

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Edward proceeded to reverse the rulings of the Scottish Lords and even summoned King John Balliol to stand before the English court as a common plaintiff. Okay, he loses his head before he personally sees victory, but eventually, the Scots win their freedom.

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The Life of William Wallace To understand the story of William Wallace, we must take a look at the political climate of Scotland in The site is commemorated by a small monument in the form of a Celtic cross. Unable to correct their attack, the Scots proved victorious, destroying the much larger army as they attempted to cross. Latest Biographies. However, following his death from a horseback riding accident, the country entered a period of turmoil. It was in Rutherglen that Menteith agreed to betray wallace to the English. A court decided who would be the rightful heir to the throne and by John Balliol was selected to be the next King of Scotland. We do know that Wallace appeared in Lanark in , and there, leading a small group of men, he attacked the town, murdering the sheriff, William Heselrig. In October he invaded northern England and ravaged the counties of Northumberland and Cumberland. The scene below comes towards the end of his life, and we have no way of knowing if he ever gave this speech. As a result, his tale is filled with embellishments, anachronism and outright fiction. His reign had seen a period of peace and economic stability. His brutality, however, still showed at this battle. The only problem was that they would need to cross the Stirling Bridge to get there, and that was exactly where Wallace and his forces were waiting. His execution was held on 23 August, where he was hung, drawn and quartered.

He was finally captured in August by men in the service of John de Menteith, and immediately tried. His brutality, however, still showed at this battle.

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More than half of them would have been Welsh. Wallace then organized an army of commoners and small landowners and attacked the English garrisons between the Rivers Forth and Tay. He is remembered as a patriot and national hero. He travelled to France, and to Rome, hoping that the Pope would exert influence to try and curtail English deprivations in Scotland. John de Warenne, 6th Earl of Surrey 's feudal army of 3, cavalry and 8, to 10, infantry met disaster as they crossed over to the north side of the river. King Edward I of England descended upon the country, now leaderless and facing several men who claimed to be next in line and effectively began running it himself, claiming it for his own. Wallace was a violent and brutal guerilla leader — his early campaigns were intended to destabilize English rule in Scotland.

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