Water for africa essay

This contaminated water can be the result of many different types of pollution whether it is natural or man made pollutants that pollute the water. Sometimes wars are fought on waterways.

solutions to clean water in africa

Farming workshops, make use of vegetation in those areas for planting fruits and vegetables with high water content. Although clean water is a renewable resource, usage in these quantities negatively affects the environment.

Solutions to water scarcity in africa

Some other causes are drought; women becoming sick and being unable to carry the water back to their villages, poor connections to wells, and isolation of villages. Doc went from an average bartender to a savior. As the population in Africa increases, so does the demand for water. Colombia is a country where there are people living on two dollars a day. This family is bathing and washing clothes in this stagnant creek which also served as the only source of drinking water. The nation is additionally also depicted by immensely variable, both topographically and over a certain period. There are several causes, effects, and solutions to this issue. There was hardly a step I could take without having trash underfoot, and one I took landed my foot in animal waste. Many people in Africa live in rural areas and are dependent on farming for their livelihood. New Technologies. Buying water from other countries and storing them may develop water resources of resource-poor countries.

The idea that water is the beginning of all living organisms is proved by the fact that 3 billion years ago the only living organisms on earth were unicellular microbes in the ocean.

Scientific evidence shows clearly that future generation is at risk though the government and the public responses to this threat are moderately weak. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with this website.

One major cause of water scarcity is desertification, which means the spreading of a desert. Clean water is of the utmost importance for a healthier life. The nation is additionally also depicted by immensely variable, both topographically and over a certain period.

This is a picture of a young girl who lives in the very remote mountain village of Basbang.

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Essay about Poverty: Africa and Clean Water