Write an absolute value equation for each graph of a function

Of course, any solution can also be verified by plugging it back into the original exercise, and confirming that the left-hand side LHS of the equation simplifies to the same value as does the right-hand side RHS of the equation.

Write the interval or union of intervals satisfying the inequality in interval, inequality, or set-builder notation. Given an absolute value equation, solve it.

Right hand side. This is saying that the quantity in the absolute value bars has a distance of zero from the origin. We make a table of values and then plot the graph. Write and graph a new function for the sum of the potter's distances to the four machines.

If you plot the above two equations on a graph, they will both be straight lines that intersect the origin. Given the formula for an absolute value function, find the horizontal intercepts of its graph.

writing absolute value equations from graphs worksheet

This table shows when the expressions change sign: Both sides. Where should she locate the bakery in order to minimize the distance she must drive for deliveries? However, due to imprecision in manufacturing, the actual values of these parameters vary somewhat from piece to piece, even when they are supposed to be the same.

So, as suggested above both answers did in fact work and both are solutions to the equation.

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Absolute Value Functions