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It was followed by a welcome speech given by the Principal of our school. Fumingeveryone was vexed to know the cause of that traffic jam. People were in hurry to reach their destination but not even one traffic police officer could be seen in the vicinity.

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He guided with his inspirational words and inspired to do better. Then some excited youngsters jumped into the scene and began clearing the scene. In this mega event, many schools from our city took part. It was accompanied by a melodious Saraswati Vandana , hailing the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. The celebrations began at 4pm and there was plenty to see and do. In the third paragraph we describe the actual event itself. Dance teams from all over the country practise to compete in the tribal Pow Wow dance contest. We really enjoyed a lot and dispersed with a sincere hope that such mega events should be organized time and again giving the students a chance to display their talents. The team from our school bagged second position and everyone complimented one another. The preparations take months. It was a wonderful way to learn about Native American culture and celebrate the end of summer. I visited a traditional Indian village, watched skilled craftsmen carve totem poles, and even learned how to do tribal Indian dancing. The grand show commenced by the arrival of various teams from schools. We can also use the passive when the activity is more important than the agent. Article describing a festival we attended Tip When we write an article describing a festival, event or celebration we attended, we usually write four paragraphs.

Patience slowly melted and there was argument, heated talks, and even several came out from their vehicles in anger. They reached at the place where the halt had begun.

In this mega event, many schools from our city took part.

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