Writing a bio for a specific job

Show off your skills Want the reader to believe in your ability to support their needs?

Creative bio examples

After identifying your position, title or role, identify your employer. A drain. For this type of bio, you may also want to include a contact form or email, to help prospective clients, employers, or collaborators get in touch. Repeat: Mention your accomplishments. To keep everything aligned, follow these two easy steps: Make note of the values and selling points listed in the description of your company. Overall, the idea here is to keep your bio quick, punchy and memorable, with minimal run-on sentences. Have a hobby you love? This is just the first introduction and too many facts can be overwhelming. Never fear! Rather, they can feel confident in the scores of knowledgeable staff at their disposal.

People will also build a visual connection to you during their online search. New ideas pop up every 15 minutes, or so it seems.

sample of biography about myself

Do this research before you write your own bio. Using a descriptive headline about his work and a short list of only his most recognizable accomplishments, Jamie is able to sum up several projects in a relatively small space.

Corporations use profile information to specifically market products to you. Choose the top two or three large milestones from your career no moreand put them next. Federal job expert Kathryn Troutman encourages her clients to e-mail a short executive bio as an introduction letter to a federal agency hiring manager and to confirm by postscript that a full resume is available in the official federal system.

Matt Laricy and his employees also wisely list their awards and recognitions in a separate, bulleted list.

writing a bio for a specific job
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How to Create a Marvelous Bio for Your Job Search