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Good luck with your job search. Conceptual Thinking Finding effective solutions to problems by taking an abstract, holistic or theoretical approach. This is as follows: Situation: Briefly provide context to your example. These statements are based on your work history, such as tasks and responsibilities successfully completed in the past or are capable of performing. How do you manage tight deadlines? Any awards or special recognition are listed here. The downside is that it also reveals employment gaps or other issues that prompted you to select a functional resume. This also includes your ability to apply your knowledge to your new circumstances. The results were increased efficiency and reduced costs. Task: What did you have to do?

Evaluation This shows your ability to evaluate according to standard methodologies and policies. Empowers Others You not only boost employee confidence, but also give them the freedom to complete their tasks. This is especially useful when applying for a customer service position.

I am an honest and trustworthy officer whose performance reviews reflect all the principles required for intelligence analysis.

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Education and qualifications: a short summary with most recent or relevant experience first. I produce a high standard of work that is congruent with the Customs Service strategic plan and am confident I can work effectively within the guidelines of the Intelligence plan. Try out different ways of saying things. I have also been responsible for instigating operations in conjunction with other officers and have developed a good awareness of the various factors and issues that affect these processes and the Service as a whole. Evaluation This shows your ability to evaluate according to standard methodologies and policies. All of his projects and achievements were made up. References 3. Objective or Summary Put your name and contact information at the top, followed by your objective or a brief summary of your work history skills. A student without much job history could list computer applications used during class or for homework. Tactical, operational and strategic intelligence analysis knowledge and experience As a Customs Officer I understand the importance of intelligence in all facets of the Service. However, it can look unfocussed if you have not thoroughly researched the job and the evidence of your competencies. I am frequently required to question clients and gather information that will assist me in making effective decisions. Particular emphasis to be placed on the Services strategic plan and the Intelligence Plan. Work History Your work history isn't a requirement for a competency-based resume, but without it some recruiters won't look at your resume.

I ensure that I am familiar with these plans as they are developed. My Customs experience assists me in adding value to all information I produce.

Prepare the questions you will ask during the interview.

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In my day to day work I am frequently using tools such as General Query, reading Tactical Intelligence Reports and, as a consequence, have developed strong profiling skills which have resulted in some excellent finds. Examples of evidencing competencies Evidence Confident communicator Ability to write for a variety of audiences. For a competency-based resume, you needn't describe your duties for each position. The duties and achievements were included in the experience section. STAR helps to quantify why you are an exciting candidate, it reveals what you have done in the past and the idea being that this was not a fluke and that you will do even greater things next time. Adding a list of core competencies on your resume will get you noticed. Unless there is specific prior agreement among the panel, the short-listing process is excluded from the final selection method. A sample introduction is, "An enthusiastic and diligent events coordinator with plus years of logistics and events management expertise, I'm looking for an opportunity to expand my breadth of knowledge in a leadership role with a charitable foundation. I had met some great candidates who had all done exciting things, were interested in moving for the right reasons, in the right location and would fit in well with the teams I was recruiting into. These might include expertise in specific computer programs and programming codes, or any other professional skills directly related to the job you're applying for. This gives the recruiter an idea of your past work history. If you're a notary public or bonded, list these here as well. Or to turn it around, you must show how your competencies made it possible for you to rack up home runs.

Objective or Summary Put your name and contact information at the top, followed by your objective or a brief summary of your work history skills.

Strategic Thinker I am very conscious of the need for all operational activities to be aligned with the strategic aims of the Service as a whole.

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Core Competencies on a Resume (26 Examples and Tips)