Writing a diary entry checklist manifesto

You see it in the frequent mistakes authorities make when hurricanes or tornadoes or other disasters hit. Gawande draws on his experience as a surgeon, the research he conducted with the World Health Organization, and insights from construction, finance, and other industries that take advantage of checklists to improve processes.

The Problem Know-how and sophistication have increased remarkably across almost all our realms of endeavor, and as a result so has our struggle to deliver on them.

Yet they cannot succeed as isolated individuals, either—that is anarchy. You give people the room to adapt, based on their experience and expertise. I think this is the essence of the book.

diary writing checklist

Already a fan of checklists? People need room to act and adapt.

language features of diary writing

Knowledge has both saved us and burdened us. Perhaps the elevator controls on airplanes are usually unlocked and a check is pointless most of the time.

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