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Ask each student to write the first line of a dialogue. Students will examine the specialised cells and tissues involved in structure and function of particular organs.

They continue to develop an understanding of, and interest in, fiction through wider reading.

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They will also learn about the fundamental rules of a variety of sports Key Understandings — Students will start to develop an understanding of essential sports principles when attacking, defending, as a ball carrier or a support player.

Students learn to plan an investigation and ask key questions. They then pass the piece of paper to the student sitting to the left of them. So part of what I do is helping to go through all these countries' case management plans, as far as what drugs they use, do they make sense, and how can they better put the drugs into the appropriate places.

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The mosquitos only bite at night, so the proliferation of air conditioning and screened windows has largely protected people in warm regions against disease-carrying mosquitos.

Students will construct and interpret food webs.

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Writing activities